Brass for Africa

Brass for Africa has facilitated the construction of the Mummy Foundation Centre, and funds salaries for key members of teaching and management staff. If you would like to support our work please visit:

Strings and wood wind band project.

One of the projects that we have always had in mind was setting up an all girl’s wood band class which would help the girls in letting their voice through music. This wood band will in some other way help the girls be able to support themselves in organizing musical concerts with the aim of soliciting funds that could be used facilitate them with their daily basic requirements or the other in the future that’s if taken up as a sole career once they have grown up.

Dance and singing project.

Twenty five girls in both age groups will be selected with the purpose of teaching and instructing them how to dance and perform several cultural dances with modern motives thus enabling them to learn a skill and on the other way promoting a project that mummy foundation can use to fundraise funds that can be used to run the organization through organizing dance dance and singing festivals in and outside the Nsambya community. With experience mummy foundation will have to hire qualified trainers in singing and dancing that will equip these children with the best skills that can easily provide the organization and children an opportunity to perform on school festivals such as speech days, school anniversaries, among other events in the community.

Education Support.

Among the many girls who have been identified and ready to start school in both nursery and primary level schools, as its very well known that education is a big investment that can be given to any child, mummy foundation has already identified suitable schools which can admit these girls such that they can get formal education, with school fees payment, provision of scholastic materials, and other school support equipment. These girls will have easy access to education and the best results are expected out of this initiative. 20 of them have been lucky to start school and I am glad to mention that they are using the opportunity been given to them very well.

Health Support.

Among the first core values of mummy foundation, we are also doing the best we can to see that we give medical facilitation to all the children under the care and support of mummy foundation, such that all the children will be able to access better health conditions.

Savings group

We at mummy did realize that the only way any community can develop is by learning how to save the little they have. So we did partner up with slum dwellers and did teach the women how to save the little starting from as low as 100ugx to whatever amount possible this has been so fundamental because we have realized that it has changed the lives of these women and teenage mums tremendously. With time we are hoping to teach the mummy’s the loaning system.

Tailoring and cloth design project.

Mummy foundation proposes to teach each girl in second age category/group ( 13-18 years old) how to sow and make cloth designs as most of them are school drop outs, making cloth designs and sowing several African designs which skill will enable the children to learn a vocational, make designs of all forms for both men and women. As most women in the community have little skills in the this field the girls will have easier means of getting employment once they are facilitated with the necessary equipments such as threads, sewing machines, sowing materials among others. Besides teaching the girls this skill the same ready made materials will be sold too, to as a means of sustaining the organization by providing care and support to the children.

Art and craft project.

Just like other projects, mummy foundation proposes to train girls in the first category how to draw pictures and sketches of different images, and training girls how to make art jewellery to train girls how to make art and craft jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, hand bags, seasonal cards among others which on the other hand besides training them a skill it can be an income generating activity.

Counseling and guidance.

Plan on training the girl child and the women about Crisis Counseling program and preparedness, which focuses on domestic violence and theatre performances in villages, and the Self Growth Program for Women. We also hope to work along with Community Based Organizations, primary and secondary health care, education promotion, community mobilization, gender development and respect.

Environmental protection

Mummy foundation is determined to do all that is necessary in protecting the environment. We are determined in making this happen by teaching every member of this foundation the importance of protecting the environment and asking them to plant a tree and taking care of it. We are also trying so much to make sure that our area is free of polythene bags and plastic bottles, which are a danger to the environment.

We are determined to make at least our area of work an example to the area of the slums in Nsambya parish and Kampala at large.

Nsambya is among the many city suburbs and its very much affected with hygiene disease during rainy days, the area lacks an identified place that can be used to dispose garbage, rubbish, and due to this garbage which is disposed off any how by the residents diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea among others affect people which in the end led to loss of life, mummy foundation proposes to train the girls a social responsibility through sanitation and hygiene workshop and community cleaning event which in the end ensures better hygiene and sanitation conditions for not only the girls but the entire community of Nsambya at large.

We are also going to teach the girls and the women of recycling of materials and reusing of some materials